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Coasts, 2016

Sound installation at Art Basel Parcours with Sies + Höke Galerie
curated by Samuel Leuenberger

From 13.6.2016 to 19.6.2016

Coasts is a sound installation placed in rooms of the first floor of a town house. The house that was just recently abandoned is now in between being refurbished and handed over to the new owners. The project is the first presentation of Cramer ́s archive of recordings, which were taken over the last years in various coastal regions spanning from Darwin in Australia to Ericeira in Portugal, Yakushima in Japan to Santa Monica in California. The architecture of the building allows the visitor to listen to a singular recording or, by walking through the spaces, experience and control the overlap of a multitude of recordings.


Praia da Adraga, Almoçageme, Portugal 

4.2 km north of Cabo da Roca
North Atlantic Ocean
38°48’15” N / 09°29’05” W


Coppins Track, Sorrento, Australia 

75 km south of Melbourne
Bass Strait
38°20’55” S / 44°43’53” E


Kusugawa, Yakushima, Japan 

3 km south of Miyanoura 

East China Sea
30°19’52” N / 130°39’17” E 



Terazi, Zygi, Cyprus
32 km east of Limassol Mediterranean Sea 

34°43’37” N / 33°20’26” E 



Jaroslawiec, Poland
22 km west of Ustka Baltic Sea
54°32’22” N / 02°42‘59” E 21.2.2015 


 Lombardsijde-Bad, Nieuwpoort, Belgium 

35 km west of Bruges
North Sea
51°07’42” N / 02°44’52” E